New blog post: the ambition loop in motion for EVs

29 October, 2021

Utrecht University, Data-Driven EnviroLab and NewClimate Institute published a new blog post on The ambition loop in motion for electric vehicles in the automotive industry

The piece discusses the observed ambition loop in the passenger cars sector and how it can be replicated to accelerate the transition to EVs. See key points below and read the full post on the Utrecht University website.

  • Car manufacturers have set ambitious EV sales targets in response to government policies and market signals, which results in higher estimated EV shares in some large countries than could be expected from government policy only. This is an example of the ambition loop between governments and business in action.
  • However, to stay on track on a net-zero pathway towards 2050, more action is necessary from both governments and car manufacturers.
  • Additionally, the ambition loop can be replicated with cities and retail companies to accelerate the necessary transformation in the passenger cars sector.
Figure 1: Ambition loop based on UN Global Compact (2018).