Data Platforms

Camda works closely with a number of climate action data collection and disclosure platforms, including all of the official data providers to the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal (the NAZCA platform launched at COP20) as well as other data collection platforms such as the Climate Cooperative Initiatives Database team.

Working closely with the Camda community, the United Nations’ Global Climate Action Portal  team  relaunched the portal concurrently with the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019. The key goals of the new platform are to:

  • Recognize action from all sectors of society, public and private. The portal was enshrined in the Paris Agreement as the official repository where voluntary climate actions should be registered by non-Party stakeholders.
  • Maintain transparency of the breadth of global climate through data visualisations from regional, city, business, and investor leaders.
  • Communicate the level of progress towards achieving climate action commitments.

Climate Progress Snapshots

2020 marked a turning point in the race to a healthier, more resilient and more regenerative economy with zero emissions by 2050. The strengthened commitments countries bring to the UN’s COP26 climate summit in November 2021 – as required under the 2015 Paris Agreement – will go a long way to cementing the 2020 turning point. But these Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to Paris do not tell the whole story.   

This climate progress news barrel, created for reporters and communicators, pulls together the myriad of climate pledges and changes taking hold across the real economy, driven by countries, cities, sectors and nature initiatives, among other actors. The news barrel also includes in-depth research briefings on the impacts of climate change, policies, sectoral potential and other timely topics. NB: this is a snapshot of the biggest and most insightful developments around the world, but it does not include every story of progress. If you would like to submit a contribution to the tool, please contact

Reporting by states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors, and international cooperative initiatives are tracked in different ways. CDP, the Climate Initiatives Platform, (CIP), and other data partners are working to develop criteria and indicators to track commitments and improve collection and processing of target-related data. To better support data sharing and accessibility beyond 2020, a common infrastructure is being discussed that could improve opportunities for collaboration.

Meanwhile, the Camda community is exploring options for collecting credible data that is either announced between disclosure cycles or is not officially disclosed. This effort is a work in progress, and will remain so, until both technological and verifiable methodological solutions are in place. In the interim, the Camda community is diligently working to find the best means to collect and acknowledge all climate action commitments.