Aggregation & Reports

The role of the analytical community is becoming increasingly crucial in order to understand the collective impact of increased ambition from climate action commitments of states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. Every single action sends a signal of how the global community is transforming toward1.5C consistent pathways. The aggregation of these commitments, either globally or nationally, illustrates a more holistic picture of what climate action by subnational and non-state actors, yet not all commitments have been aggregated to-date. There is much more the Camda community can do to coordinate new analytical insights.

The first report to aggregate global climate action commitments was released at the Global Climate Action Summit in 2018, yet it was also a family of similar reports such as America’s Pledge, the UNEP Emissions Gap report with a special chapter on non-state action, and the annual Global Covenant of Mayors report. Since then there have been updates of a global aggregation report ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019, America’s Pledge reports, Yearbook of Climate Action, and many sector specific reports. The Camda community continues to produce and evolve its analyses. From 2020, the Camda community will build the collective work around methodology, data, and analysis to create a Progress Framework on Action, a standard framework for data collection and tracking of climate action progress in states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. The next phase of work will also see the exploration into the benefits of action for credible progress made by these actors. More information will be posted as it is available.