Declaration: Pressing Record on Climate Action

09 December, 2019

Full text is available here.

Our Statement
We recognize the importance of tracking progress of cooperative initiatives and individual climate
action commitments from regions, cities, businesses and investors. This will help to inform better
decision-making and unlock the benefits of climate action commitments.

As a community, our aim is to now create a common framework for tracking progress that looks at
targets, ambition, outputs and outcomes to align with the Paris Agreement.

For this purpose, we will collaborate to produce a finalized framework to track and identify
indicators of progress for credible climate actions. This will include the presentation of initial
metrics, which will be reflected on the Global Climate Action portal by COP26.

Engagement into this process will be inclusive, transparent and holistic.

Over the next three years, our objective is to develop quantifiable metrics that will guide the Global
Stocktake mechanism and help to raise national climate ambition.

Our approach
To achieve a successful outcome, we will apply the following ways of working:

▪ Engage with Parties, international cooperative initiatives, individual actors, and networks
that can deliver on the indicators chosen for the framework.
▪ Ensure that all methodology on tracking progress is publicly available.
▪ Consider qualitative feedback or inputs when quantitative metrics are not available.
▪ Produce a progress report or update by COP26 with initial findings.
▪ Produce recommended metrics prior to and in support of the Global Stocktake.
▪ Ensure that findings are public and embedded within the Global Climate Action portal team
as they become available.
▪ Establish a plan for continuity of this effort after the Global Stocktake.