Camda Insights: Draft Progress Metrics for 2020 (Mar 24, 2020)

24 March, 2020

Camda Insights: Draft Progress Metrics for 2020
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This iteration contains:
– Gathering intelligence on the impacts of COVID-19 on subnational actors
– Draft progress metrics from the Camda data workshop
– New video from the Mission 2020 Campaign
Understanding the Impacts of COVID-19 on Subnational Actors
In light of the ongoing situation relating to COVID-19, we hope that you are able to stay home and healthy at this time. The pandemic poses a serious global challenge, and we expect many of the actors whose climate actions we are currently tracking through our work to be significantly impacted. We therefore encourage all Camda organisations to begin gathering intelligence on economic, social, political, and environmental impacts of COVID-19 on states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors worldwide. This intelligence will help Camda to identify solutions for equitable and sustainable economic re-development as and when the world shifts from dealing with the immediate effects of this crisis to rebuilding the global economy.

If you have the capacity to support this effort during this time, please save your findings here. Please log impacts with your name, organisation, date, and source. We thank you for your support and efforts on this.
February Camda Data Workshop Outcomes
Pressing ‘Record’ on Climate Action: Episode 2
Workshop Aims
With support from ClimateWorks Foundation, the Mission 2020 Campaign, and The Climate Group, UN Climate Change held a two-day workshop in London at the end of February on tracking progress in climate action. The purpose of the workshop was to initiate the delivery of the collective statement the Camda community released last year at COP25.

The aims of the workshop were to determine draft priority metrics for tracking progress in individual actors and in international cooperative initiatives (ICIs) in 2020; to present how those metrics could be incorporated into the Global Climate Action Portal and the 2020 Global Aggregation Report; and to understand the current data flow within the Camda community to identify how to improve alignment.
Draft Metrics for Tracking Progress in 2020
Participants drafted 2020 priority metrics for tracking progress in climate action and ICIs as shown in the table below. These proposed metrics are currently being further developed by two teams of participants who will qualify with information regarding methodology, data sources, coverage, constraints and opportunities, and other aspects in preparation for a series wider Camda stakeholder consultations. These are expected to begin in early April, where Camda members will have an opportunity to suggest additional metrics as well as feedback on those presented.

The metrics will be further qualified and refined with key stakeholders over the course of the year; the community aims to present a fully developed set of suitable metrics at COP26. This feeds into the wider Camda objective to develop quantifiable progress metrics that will guide the Global Stocktake mechanism in 2023 and help to raise national climate ambition.
Draft metrics for tracking progress in individual actors and international cooperative initiatives in 2020.
New Video by the Mission 2020 Campaign
The Mission 2020 Campaign recently released a new project that they collaborated on with young climate activist Xiye Bastida and the team behind the 2040 Film which highlights the importance of holding a vision of the sustainable future we want to achieve and helps remind us what we are all working towards. Watch it here:
Thank you to all organizations involved, including:, America’s Pledge, Bloomberg Philanthropies, BSR, C40, California Air Resources Board, CDP, Ceres, CIFF, ClimateNexus, ClimateWorks Foundation, Climate Bonds Initiative, Climate Strategies, German Development Institute, European Commission, Global Covenant of Mayors, Global Climate Action Summit, Global Strategic Communications Council, Grantham Research Institute, GreenFaith, ICLEI, IDDRI, The Mission 2020 Campaign, New Climate Economy, NewClimate Institute, Regions4, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Principles for Responsible Investment, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Climate Group, The Stanley Foundation, UNEP DTU Partnership, UN Environment, United Nations Climate Change, University of Maryland, University of Oxford, We Mean Business, World Resources Institute, WWF, and Data-Driven Yale.
If you have an announcement or update to share with the Camda community through this newsletter please contact Roisín Gorman at
The Mission 2020 Campaign – The Climate Group – ClimateWorks – United Nations Climate Change
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