Camda Insights: Brand Refresh and Camda Updates (Feb 24, 2020)

24 February, 2020

Camda Insights: Brand Refresh and Camda Updates (Feb 24, 2020)
Camda Insights supports the coordinated communication of the impact of states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. If you have an announcement or update you would like to share with the Camda community through this newsletter, please contact Roisín Gorman at
This iteration contains:
– Camda brand refresh
– Upcoming workshop on climate action tracking
– Notes from stakeholder call
– Camda 2019 wrap-up and Camda 2020
Camda brand refresh!
As Camda continues to gain wider recognition within the climate action community, we are undertaking a brand refresh to help potential stakeholders discover, recognise, and understand our work.  Firstly, we are rebranding ‘CAMDA’ to ‘Camda’. Camda now also has a logo (as above) and tagline: ‘for credible climate action’.
 We are pleased to announce that ClimateWorks Foundation’s website now has a page dedicated to Camda that can be found at: It gives an overview of Camda’s key workstreams and activities, events, and updates and aims to build the Camda community’s online presence.
An independent website is also in development and will be launching in the coming months. This will provide the Camda work a central online domain where Camda members will have the opportunity to share relevant work, announcements, and achievements with the community. Coming soon!

Finally, we have developed an FAQ to support a wider audience understanding the purpose and role of Camda. The full FAQ will appear on the Camda website – see below for an extract. We want to refer as a community to Camda with a unified voice. We therefore encourage all organisations to refer to the FAQ for speaking points when mentioning Camda externally and when showcasing Camda work online.
FAQ – What is Camda?
Camda promotes credible climate action from states, regions, cities, businesses and investors and to a collaborative initiative of 30+ organizations that work to assess and communicate the impact of climate action by states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors around the world. Camda works to record and track ambition and progress made by these actors towards their climate action targets in the context of the Paris Agreement and is exploring how the analytical community can support the unlocking of benefits and rewards for achieving these targets.
 What is the goal of the work Camda undertakes? Camda works to increase and maintain credibility and accountability in climate action by states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. This has been through quantifying, tracking, and reporting of climate action targets and associated progress towards them. The next phase of this work will aim to see an increased robustness of tracking methodology and inclusion of more global data, as well as exploring how actors taking credible climate action can unlock and access a range of rewards. This work will inform stocktaking approaches that can be scaled to a national level before the Global Stocktake in 2023.
Upcoming workshop – 25th & 26th Feb
Pressing ‘Record’ on Climate Action: Episode 2
Following the discussions held at COP25, UN Climate Change, with support from ClimateWorks, the Mission 2020 Campaign, and The Climate Group will be holding a two-day data workshop in London on 25th and 26th February to work to define purpose-driven metrics for tracking progress in climate action at both state, regional, city, business, and investor level, and at the level of International Cooperative Initiatives.
 The workshop will focus during Day 1 on what metrics should be considered for tracking credible actions, while Day 2 will practically consider how to gather and apply these metrics. Please see the agenda here.
Notes from Stakeholder Call – 19th Feb
Thank you to those who were able to participate in the recent Camda Stakeholder Call, where we discussed the Camda brand refresh, COP25 outcomes, and the upcoming workshop, and heard member updates. For those who were unable to attend or who wish to view the notes from the discussion, please see here.
Camda 2019
MethodologyTo complete the methodology workstream, ClimateWorks Foundation is supporting WRI (2019-2021) to produce guidance documents on application, to help users navigate through various options when quantifying non-party climate action. This will build on methodologies from related work such as the America’s Pledge report, the Global Covenant of Mayors’ technical aggregation methodology, the Global Climate Action Report, ICAT pilot analysis in India, and future applications of the ICAT guidance in developing countries (e.g., Colombia). Initial results will be shared with the user community by June 2020 and are planned to be released during COP26.
DataThe United Nations’ Global Climate Action Portal (formerly NAZCA) relaunched in September 2019 concurrently with the UN Climate Action Summit. The portal relaunched with the addition of national climate action data displayed alongside that of states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors.

Going forward, the portal is intended to provide an accurate central data base of global climate action to policy-makers and other stakeholder. The portal aims to reflect the initial progress metrics identified by the Task Force on a Progress Framework on Action by COP26.
 AggregationLast year saw the release of several key reports aggregating and assessing global climate action – please see a list of key findings here.

The Camda community shared findings and insights from work on aggregation and tracking progress with policy-makers and business executives at the Action and Reward event at Climate Week NYC 2019. The event offered an opportunity to continue discussions, bringing in new stakeholders, that had taken place at the SB Intersessionals in Bonn earlier in the year, and opened new discussions about accessing rewards for credible climate action.
Camda 2020
UN Climate Change, with support from ClimateWorks Foundation, the Mission 2020 Campaign, and The Climate Group, held a workshop on tracking progress in climate action at COP25 last year which resulted in the release of a collective statement agreeing to collaborate to produce a common framework to track and identify indicators of progress for credible climate actions. 

Over the next three years, the objective is to develop quantifiable metrics that will guide the Global Stocktake mechanism and help to raise national climate ambition. A comprehensive package of activities for achieving this is outlined in the Global Climate Action Tracking Progress Package for 2020-2023. This package acts as a living document and is open to suggestions.

Based on the package above, the Camda community will aim to evolve the work of the three core workstreams going forwards and streamline them into a single Task Force on a Progress Framework on Action. Furthermore, we recognise there is an emerging need to better understand how the data and analytical community can support efforts that have potential to unlock benefits of credible climate action; what investors are looking for, how to connect to policy at the national level, etc – the next phase of work will look further into this.
Thank you to all organizations involved, including: America’s Pledge, Bloomberg Philanthropies, BSR, C40, California Air Resources Board, CDP, Ceres, CIFF, ClimateNexus, ClimateWorks Foundation, Climate Bonds Initiative, Climate Strategies, German Development Institute, European Commission, Global Covenant of Mayors, Global Climate Action Summit, Global Strategic Communications Council, Grantham Research Institute, GreenFaith, ICLEI, IDDRI, The Mission 2020 Campaign, New Climate Economy, NewClimate Institute, Regions4, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Principles for Responsible Investment, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Climate Group, The Stanley Foundation, UNEP DTU Partnership, UN Environment, United Nations Climate Change, University of Maryland, University of Oxford, We Mean Business, World Resources Institute, WWF, and Data-Driven Yale.
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