Camda Insights: 2020 Registry of Reports Launched (Jul 28, 2020)

28 July, 2020

Camda Insights: 2020 Registry of Reports Launched (Jul 28, 2020)
Camda Insights supports the coordinated communication of the impact of states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors in global climate action. If you have an announcement or update you would like to share with the Camda community through this newsletter, please contact Roisin Gorman at
– Next Camda Stakeholder Call
– Launch of 2020 Registry of Publications
– Timeline of releases for aggregation reports
– Announcements: The Future of Global Climate Action in the UNFCCC Summary Report released; CDP hiring; ClimateWorks Foundation hiring
Upcoming Camda Stakeholder Call – 11th August
The next Camda Stakeholder call will be held on August 11 at 10am ET / 3pm BST.

If you do not currently receive invitations to join these stakeholder calls and would like to, please sign up here. The calls occur on an approximately bi-monthly basis and are used by the Camda co-chairs to provide relevant updates and announcements from across Camda-related workstreams to stakeholders. They also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to share their own updates with the rest of the Camda community.
2020 Registry of Publications
The 2020 Registry of Publications is now live. Please refer to the registry for an overview of publications to be released in the coming months related to tracking climate action in states, regions, cities, businesses, and investors. It includes anticipated release dates and report descriptions as they become available and will continue to be updated over the coming months.

We will use this registry to inform Camda members of upcoming releases and to identify organisations to coordinate report messaging with. If your organization has an upcoming report or publication related to tracking subnational climate action, please ensure the registry is up to date with the correct information relating to it. You can add a comment directly on the registry with the relevant details, including your full name, or contact
See below the timeline of releases for the four planned aggregation reports led by NewClimate Institute, Data-Driven EnviroLab, Utrecht University, University of Oxford, CDP, and DIE/GDI.
The Future of Global Climate Action in the UNFCCC Summary Report
Galvanizing the Groundswell of the Climate Actions is pleased to share a summary report on The Future of Global Climate Action in the UNFCCC The document summarizes the outcomes of an “Online Atelier” on the Future of Global Climate Action (GCA) in the UNFCCC held in May 2020. The objective of the workshop was to deepen our collective thinking on how GCA could be strengthened going forward. It feeds into the consultations carried out by the High-level Champions, who were tasked at COP25 with exploring opportunities to improve the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA). 
Key points:The shift to implementation places greater emphasis on action by both Parties and other actors. Action will increasingly be the yardstick by which the value and legitimacy of the UNFCCC process will be judged. GCA is the part of the UNFCCC process that catalyzes and brokers action via collaboration between all actors. GCA should not be thought of as just the realm for non-state or sub-national actors, but as a tool to help all actors enhance action. On the road to COP26 and over the next five years, GCA activities should prioritize catalyzing action, facilitating capacity building and information exchange between Parties and non-Parties, and enhancing reporting and communication, while strengthening the organizational aspects of GCA in sync with the implementation architecture of the Paris Agreement.
CDP Hiring for Junior Target Data Analyst
CDP’s New York Office Data Analytics Team is looking for a skilled, enthusiastic, and ambitious Junior Target Data Analyst who is passionate about using data to drive companies, investors, and governments to build a thriving economy which works for people and planet.The successful candidate will work primarily on a project to analyze and improve the quality of corporate target data reported to CDP. This piece of work supports key projects with several key partners of CDP. Additionally, the candidate will be involved in developing robust progress tracking methodologies to assess a variety of corporate and subnational climate actions. Working with data disclosed to CDP, the candidate will deliver value-adding Analysis and Insight. This Analysis and Insight helps internal and external stakeholders make better actionable decisions.Closing date: 31st July.
ClimateWorks Foundation Hiring Consultant to Support iGST
ClimateWorks Foundation seeks a consultant for what is anticipated to be a half-time commitment to support the internal team organizing the independent Global Stocktake (iGST). The essence of the role is to be a day-to-day manager of the initiative, maintaining close contact with Working Groups and key partners, including the collaborative Camda initiative, to ensure effective communication, regular calls and check-ins, and that we are collectively meeting output deadlines.

For details, access the Terms of Reference here.

Please pass these listings on to relevant contacts in your network who may be interested in applying.
Thank you to all organizations involved, including:, America’s Pledge, Bloomberg Philanthropies, BSR, C40, California Air Resources Board, CDP, Ceres, CIFF, ClimateNexus, ClimateWorks Foundation, Climate Bonds Initiative, Climate Strategies, Data-Driven EnviroLab, German Development Institute, European Commission, Global Covenant of Mayors, Global Climate Action Summit, Global Strategic Communications Council, Grantham Research Institute, GreenFaith, ICLEI, IDDRI, The Mission 2020 Campaign, New Climate Economy, NewClimate Institute, Regions4, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Principles for Responsible Investment, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Climate Group, The Stanley Foundation, UNEP DTU Partnership, UN Environment, United Nations Climate Change, University of Maryland, University of Oxford, We Mean Business, World Resources Institute, and WWF.
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